Traditional Activities

As Indigenous people we appreciate the magnitude of supporting and keeping our traditional activities alive. We take great pride in supporting Indigenous people who take the initiative to teach, learn and/or participate in traditional physical activities. IPACC deals specifically with physical activity and we support all traditional activities that have physical aspects.

Some of the activities we fund are:
• Artists:
o Carving
o Weaving
o Other Arts and Crafts

• Land or Water Stewards:
o Yards
o Roadways
o Gardens
o Farms
o Ranches

• Hunters

• Fishermen/women

• Gatherers

• Cultural Activities:
o Dancing
o Bone and Stick Games
o Other… please let us know what your rituals are to be physically active.

If you have any questions on whether we can fund your traditional activity, please email [email protected] .

Please note that support to find funding or discounts is for IPACC Team Players only. If you are interested in receiving funding, please register as