Letters of Support

The Indigenous Physical Activity and Cultural Circle (IPACC) is a new National non-profit network for Indigenous people who are involved in Sports, Recreation, Fitness and Traditional Activities.

We are working very hard to address barriers and promote access to participation in physical activity and provide workshops, seminars and we are planning a national conference to educate and improve access to resources and sponsors for Indigenous people of Canada.

As we are a new non-profit with big dreams we are constantly looking to build new relationships and partnership. Currently, we are requesting letters of support as we continue to develop our initiatives and look for funding. If you could please write a letter of recommendation to support our mission or vision we would greatly appreciate sharing your words of why a non-profit like IPACC is greatly needed in Canada. Please see below letters of support that we have received to date.

For more information please contact the volunteer Executive Director, Dr. Rosalin Miles at 778.895.7773 or by email and we would be very happy to answer any questions you might have. We greatly appreciate hearing from you!


Letter from National Aboriginal Diabetes Association

Letter from Vancouver Native Health Society

Letter from Ontario Premier

Letter from Chiefs of Ontario

Letter from National Association of Friendship Centres

Letter from Musqueam Indian Band

Letter from Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network

Letter from Janice Forsyth

Letter from Alberta Health Service