Team Players

We would love to welcome all Indigenous people who are looking to be physically active to become one of our Team Players. If you have not already joined, sign up on our registration page.

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The Indigenous Physical Activity & Cultural Circle strives to create a community of support, health and wellness for Indigenous people and to do so we need people like you.

Joining IPACC is free for all Indigenous people who are involved in sports, recreation, fitness, or traditional activities. As a team player of IPACC you will benefit from:

• Access to corporate discounts, sponsors, and sources of funding
• Access to IPACC non-profit organization where sponsors can donate money to support you in your physical activity with no administration charge and receive a tax receipt.
• Meet other Indigenous teams, coaches, athletes, officials, or fitness leaders
• Meet people involved in traditional physical activities
• Meet people involved in education or research related to physical activity
• Access to research articles
• Be involved in healthy living challenges
• Receive newsletters
• Access to classifieds
• Be involved in Webinars

If you are interested in joining, please explore our site for a glimpse of the activities that IPACC supports. Becoming a Team Player is easy…please see the registration tab on the side right pane on this web page. If you have any questions please feel free to send to contact us at [email protected] or 604-269-3771.

As an IPACC Team Player, you will also have the opportunity to join an Advisory committee. IPACC’s development is guided by these committees and focuses on the needs of people who are:

• Elders
• People with Special Needs
• Women
• Youth

As a member of the advisory committee you can provide feedback to the IPACC Executive Director, staff, and board of directors on areas where we can develop relationships, improve support for physical activity, and empower our network to be pro-active.

*Please note: Indigenous will be defined as a person who identifies to being First Nations/Indian, Métis or Inuit.*